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For the past 28 years, the company motto has always been “Customer Service Above All”. Our commitment and dedication to this ideal is our paramount drive. We work and strive not only for the success of the “transaction” but for the dreams and aspirations of our clients and our Agents to succeed in their personal goals. One of the ways that we accomplish these goals is through the use of creative sales techniques and the use of various resources our contacts over the years have been able to afford us that may not be available to others in the industry as readily.

In this extremely volatile and competitive market, we believe at Groupe Sam’s Globale, that the emphasis will be not on the lowering of commissions in order to complete a sale, but rather with the use of creative solutions regarding certain properties, such as emphasizing the potential of a certain property, and our continued paramount emphasis on customer service.

  • Verdun (Montréal), QC: Investment property

    • Purchase price: $95,000,00
    • Selling price: $1,365,000,00

    The property was originally a residential Duplex comprising 2 x 4½ apartments and a large open terrain at the front of the property that we suggested could be used to further develop the property. After certain inquiries were made by our broker to the proper authorities at the City of Montréal that ensured that the property could be built up and the original structure modified, our client who was in construction bought the property and following our suggestion and the plans that our contractor had suggested, proceeded to construct an additional story on the original property, re-orient the façade of the structure and to extend the property in order to create an additional structure comprising a further 7 apartments of 3½ creating a condominium property comprising a total of 9 units.

    In order to finance this project with the bank, we arranged for the pre-sale of all of the units prior to construction with all the necessary documents to prove that they were purchased and with the proposed construction plans in place and approved by the City of Montréal as well as all the necessary documentation and permits being in place, thus proving to the bank that the project was highly feasible and a very good investment for our client and that there would be no possibility that the project would not come to fruition

  • Ville-Marie (Montréal), QC: Hotel Sale

    The original proprietors who were our clients, after being a successful hotel for 50 years and growing older, wanted to sell their 21 room hotel with a commercial space that had been used previously as a coffee shop. Through our efforts we secured for them a potential buyer who wanted to take over the business. After extensive negotiations with both clients, the vendor agreed to our proposal that 50% of the financing of the purchase price would be provided by them to the purchasers for certain terms for the following 5 years and we were therefore able to conclude the sale of the property to the satisfaction of all concerned through our experience and initiative.

  • N.D.G. / C.D.N. (Montréal): Semi-Commercial Building with Vacant Store.

    This client was eager to sell this property in the shortest amount of time due to age and illness, but was very insistent on maintaining his listing price. The property had two 4½ apartments on the second floor as well as a large commercial space on the first floor that had been operated as a restaurant, but that was at the time of listing the property, was vacant. Then established residents were there on long term leases for their apartments, and so therefore, the new owner would have to be willing to keep them as tenants in the event of the sale of the property. We found a purchaser who was willing to take on the property, but was having some difficulty securing financing. We therefore arranged with the vendor to have a mandate to lease for the commercial space to lease the commercial space, for which we found a suitable tenant, so as to assure the financial institution assisting the purchaser that the property would be a viable enterprise for the purchaser, and we were therefore able to conclude the sale of the property to the entire satisfaction of all the parties involved in this transaction through our commitment to customer care and the extensive experience of our team.

  • Ville-Saint-Laurent (Montréal): Commercial Condominium

    • This commercial condominium was to be sold with the understanding that the financial institution would not agree to another first mortgage of 65% of the selling price. We proposed to the owners of the property, and not the vendors of the business, and who had no pre-existing mortgage, that they agree to finance 70% of the selling price of the property as the first mortgage with an interest rate of 5% to be paid monthly for a period of 3 years.

      After that period, and upon receiving a positive financial statement from the business owners of profits accrued by the enterprise during that time, and upon the vendors of the enterprise receiving the proper financial first mortgage from a reputable financial institution that they would use the said first mortgage to be repay to the owners their investment in the business over the following 3 years after the initial transaction, thus ensuring that both our clients maintained their business and the owners of the building were adequately compensated for the mutual benefit of all concerned.

  • Brossard: Residential Cottage.

    When we inspected the certificate of location and the municipal servitudes for this property, we were informed by the vendors that there were two servitudes related to the property for the energy supplied by Hydro Québec due to the property being originally bought in two parts and that they had never rectified the situation previously with regards to this issue. When we presented our offer of purchase on behalf of our clients to the vendors, we negotiated that a certain amount would be deposited in trust with the instrumental notary for the transaction in order that the necessary amount would be paid in order to rectify the issue in order that Hydro Québec would remove the second servitude and that the property would be conformed to the necessary guidelines. This proposal was agreed to between both our clients, the vendors and the purchasers, and therefore the sale took place on time and to the mutual satisfaction of all involved.

  • Villeray / Saint-Michel (Montréal): 19 unit apartment block

    • Listed: $990,500,00
    • Sold: $850,000,00

    This client was in grave financial difficulties due to mismanagement of the property, and had already been sixty-day notice from their financial institution that they were in default and that this was their last opportunity to pay their arrears before the property would be repossessed by the institution and sold at auction.

    At the time that we listed the property there were only seven of the nineteen units of the building that were occupied and the other twelve units were vacant, leading to a very large deficit and obviously no generation of profit for the owner. The building was in reasonable shape, but some of the apartments needed extensive renovations in order to be habitable and generate the proper revenues. Since our broker in charge of this sale contract had a pre-existing relationship with this client, we knew that we had to assist this person before they lost all of their savings and have any possibility of avoiding declaring bankruptcy.

    We put the property on the market at a slightly higher than market price, and proceeded to aggressively search for the proper purchaser for the property and we were soon approached by a very positive candidate as a buyer who was not only willing, after some negotiation, to pay part of our listing price, but was also soon convinced to assume the outstanding mortgage for the property as well with only the monthly interest payments to be made for a period of five years.

    After the conclusion of the sale, we then assisted the new owners in finding the various contractors needed for the renovation of all the vacant units in the building, and assisted them to find tenants for those apartments upon their completion at very competitive rates in order to secure the necessary revenues for the maintenance of the property. When all of the units were occupied with tenants in good standing, we then assisted our new clients to obtain the necessary refinancing of the property in order to repay our previous client and the former owner to the mutual satisfaction of all involved in the transaction, and thereby ensuring that our new clients would not be placed in a similar financial strain as the previous owner, as well as making sure that our previous client avoided the seizure of their property and the necessity of declaring bankruptcy.

  • Longueil: 45 unit apartment complex and land

    This residential apartment complex of 45 units, separated into two buildings but run as one, had a piece of land dedicated to it that was being used for parking purposes by the tenants at the rear of the structure. Our vendors at the time of sale had only one cadastral designation for the two buildings and one cadastral designation for the land creating the problem of property division.

    Upon inquiry, the city of Longueil refused to designate two separate cadastral designations to the two buildings unless the land could also be divided and integrated into the two properties separately. When we found two potential purchasers who did not know each other, we proposed to them both that we arrange for the services of a reputable land surveyor in order to facilitate the separation of the property’s cadastral designation as well as the municipal, school and to obtain the necessary certificates of location for the two new potential properties in order to fulfill both the needs of our client to sell his property and theirs in their aims of purchasing a revenue property.

    All the parties agreed after some negotiation, and on the understanding being obtained in writing by our company, and with our assurance that this would not unduly hamper their purchase of the property, we were able to assure them that after all the efforts and monies spent that they would be able to conclude the sale in the most efficient manner possible and thus we concluded the transaction. If we had not provided the additional information and skills necessary, this transaction would not have taken place, and is just another example of how customer service and the willingness to assist both the Vendor and the Purchaser of any given property is absolutely crucial.

  • Lamont? Le Sud-Ouest (Montréal), QC: Residential Triplex

    This residential Triplex with a large garden was very interesting to us on behalf of specific requirements it possessed that were in conformity to the requirements of a particular purchaser anxious to invest in a revenue property in the area. Due to its excellent proximity to the Metro and Public transportation depot, as well as being very conveniently located near to many green spaces, conveniences and other very desirable amenities in the area, we knew that this was the ideal property for our client.

    When we originally located the property, we immediately realized due to the spacious garden area that the possibility of expansion of the original structure was not only possible but that it was also entirely feasible with the proper approval from the proper authorities and with the required building permits, and so we urged our purchaser to conclude the transaction for the property’s purchase. We negotiated for a final purchase price of $565,000,00, and proceeded to assist our client to further make all the necessary arrangements to fully transform this property into a lucrative concern.

    With the proper permits in place, and at our suggestion, our client proceeded to create a bachelor apartment in the basement of the original property with a separate entrance and exit in order to maximize returns during the second phase of our plans. The original structure was now considered a Quadruplex and had already by being used as so, maximized the potential of the original investment. The second phase of the plan was to possibly construct an additional Quadruplex on the area that had once been considered only “waste land” or a “decorative garden”, and with the proper permits and construction plans approved by the city, this new structure would indeed become a reality.

    However, when the proper permits were in place, our client requested that we assist them in the sale of the property due to familial concerns, so we proceeded to find a purchaser of the property who was also interested in the possible expansion of the property and was very impressed with the fact that the initial “leg-work” had already been done for them due to our assistance, understanding that this is a very complex task and one not usually completed by a real estate broker on behalf of a client that has already concluded a transaction!

    The purchaser agreed to the selling price established by our client of $535,000,00 for the Quadruplex and an additional $160,000,00 for the adjoining piece of land and the plans and permits, leading to a final profit of $105,000,00 for our client and a 92% return on their investments over the course of only nine months.

  • Le Sud-Ouest (Montréal), QC: Residential Duplex

    • Listed at: $279,900,00
    • Sold at: $275,000,00

    The property was originally a residential Quadruplex comprising 2 x 3½ apartments and 2 x 5½ apartments. The building had two Cadastral designations in place, as well as two municipal and school tax assessments, and was originally bought for $280,000,00 about 7 years previously. As the structure had only one municipal water supply entry as well as only one installation provided by Hydro Québec, at the time of purchase our recommendation to the owner was to rent all the apartments in the as is condition and then to assess the possibility of renovation in order to expand the possibilities of income generation as this was not the owner’s primary residence and was considered to be a revenue property.

    Over the course of the following years, we consulted all the necessary authorities, construction companies, building planners, land surveyors and city officials needed for the proposed alterations of the property that were proposed by various contractors in order to separate the property legally into two separate properties so that the properties could be used and then sold individually at a larger profit. With all the necessary documentation and permits in place the property was eventually fully renovated into two separate residences, and the properties were eventually sold at $275,000,00 and $385,000,00 respectively, and with the assistance of Groupe Sam’s Globale the total costs of the renovations were only $22,000,00 making for an excellent investment return, as well as generating revenues for the client during the time of possession.

    Even though this high level of service is very rare in our industry, we prefer to emphasize on our commitment to this type of service, as we see that it not only generates results for our clients, but also for our company and the community as a whole by creating business opportunities that may not be apparent at first glance. This is only one example of the level of commitment to our clientele, past, present and future that you can expect from our team as a whole and a prime reason for choosing our company for all your real estate needs, whether you are searching to purchase that perfect first home for your young family, or you are looking to sell your home in order to downsize and enjoy your twilight years in safety, independence and comfort.

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